….Laureates .. Lauréats ….

…. IMF Paris Results 2018 Piano .. IMF Paris Résultats 2018 Piano ….

…. Category C .. Catégorie C ….

1st prize: Not awarded
2nd prize: Andrii OSINTSEV (Ukraine)
3rd prize ex-aequo: Jiayin LI (China) with special commendation from the jury
3rd prize ex-aequo: Max WELLER (Austria)
3rd prize ex-aequo: Deniz CENGIZ (Turkey)

Finalist: Regina VANHECKE (Belgium)
Finalist: Sabina Maria SUCIU (Romania)

…. Category D .. Catégorie D ….

1st prize ex-aequo & Audience Prize: Lovre MARUSIC (Croatia)
1st prize ex-aequo: Hansol NOH (Korea)
2nd prize ex-aequo: Ziyu LIU (China)
2nd prize ex-aequo: Maria IUDENKO (Ukraine)
3rd prize ex-aequo: Ye Ching HWANG (Korea)
3rd prize ex-aequo: José Miguel BORGES (Portugal)

Finalist: Alis AN (Canada)
Finalist: Xinran WANG (China)

…. Category A .. Catégorie A ….

1st prize: Mina URGUN (Turkey)
2nd prize: Mikhail PERKIN (Russia)
3rd prize: Ilyun BURKEV (Turkey)

Finalist: Yoan-Asen HRISTOV (Bulgaria) 
Finalist: Claire Yuting AVÉDISSIAN (France)
Finalist: Jerry WU (China)

…. Category B .. Catégorie B ….

1st prize: Monica ZHANG (Italy)
2nd prize ex-aequo: Anatolii BOGDANOV (Russia)
2nd prize ex-aequo: Nina OKADA (Japan)
3rd prize ex-aequo: Nuray ALIYEVA (Azerbaijan)
3rd prize ex-aequo: Makar TOKMACHEV (Russia)

Finalist: Philippe ELISTRATOV (France)
Finalist: Elina MASALIMOVA (Russia)
Finalist: André QIAN (France) 


…. IMF Paris Results 2018 Chamber Music .. IMF Paris Résultats 2018 Musique de chambre ….

…. Category A .. Catégorie A ….

1st prize: Jiachen XU (China) voice and Gwendal Giguelay piano
2nd prize: Horn Quartet (André QIAN, Colombe BELLERT-GUERRY, Florentine LEFORT, Anne-Fleur JACQUOT) France

…. Category B .. Catégorie B ….

1st prize: Duo Iris (Naoko AYAME and Arisa SATO) Japan